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1Author:  Kenneth RinkerRequires cookie*
 Title:  Kenneth Rinker Collection  
 Published:  2013 
 Subjects:  Postmodern Dance | Rinker, Kenneth | Tharp, Twyla 
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...American Dance Festival Program...
...American Dance Festival...
...American Dance Festival Summer 1985...
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2Author:  Staff and colleagues of the Dance Notation BureauRequires cookie*
 Title:  Research Files  
 Published:  2013 
 Subjects:  African American dance | AIDS | Alexander Technique | Anatomy | Anthropology | Ballet | Ballet-China--Hong Kong--Drama | Copyright | Dance and technology | Dance-Education | Dance-Folk and national dances | Dance-Indonesia | Dance-Technique | Dance music, Chinese | Dance music, Japanese | Dance music, Norwegian | Dance music, Russian | Dance photography | Dance therapy | Effort Shape | Eshkol-Wachman movement notation | Folk dance music, Israeli | Folk dance music, Korean | German (Dance) | Kinesiology | Modern Dance | Motif Notation | Pilates method | Rolfing 
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...American Dance Festival....
...1998-2008. 2 items American Dance Festival biography and...
...Subjects American Dance Festival; Dunham, Katherine; Library...
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3Author:  Staff and colleagues of the Dance Notation BureauRequires cookie*
 Title:  DNB History Files  
 Published:  2013 
 Subjects:  Copyright | Dance notation | Exhibit 
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...American Dance Festival- Lehman Notation Position....
...funding a notation program at the American Dance Festival...
...Reinhart of American Dance Festival, April 26, 1999....
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4Author:  The Dance Notation BureauRequires cookie*
 Title:  The Dance Notation Bureau Collection  
 Published:  2013 
 Subjects:  Benesh Notation | Kinetography Laban | Labanotation 
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...1956; press release "American Dance Festival Seeks New Home"...
...Years: a festival of American modern Dance from1900 throught...
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