Series VII: 18th and 19th century prints, ca. 1716 - 1899 [22 folders]
The 18th and 19th century prints Robbins collected were most likely acquired as part of his research for productions or planned productions, such as The arts of the gentleman. Included here are 4 prints detached from the 1716 book by Gregorio Lambranzi, Nuova e curiosa scuola de' balli theatrali, and previous hit mid next hit- to late-18th century prints depicting actors such as David Garrick, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Abington, Mrs. Yates, Mr. Shuter, Mr. Reddish, Mr. Woodward, Mrs. Cibber, Miss Catley and Mrs. Powell. Also included is a hand-colored print by Gaspare Galliari, and depictions of buildings in Spoleto.
By century and by physical size.
1 18th century prints. 7 leaves
Mr. Garrick as Periander 1770s 1 leaf
Roberts del., Wilson sculp. Text: Per[iander:] Ha! By the moon's sad beams I can descry / The towers that hold this Author of my shame. In pencil on verso: Eurydice, a tragedy by David Mallet[?] 1770s.
Mrs. Barnes in Anne Boleyn 24th June 1786 1 leaf
B???? del, T?????sculpt. Text above: King Henry VIII, Act 2, Scene 3. Text below: Beseech your Lordship / Vouchsafe to speak my thanks, & my obedience. London: Printed for John Bell at the British Library Strand 24th June 1786.
Mrs. Abington as Widow Belmour April 21 1792 1 leaf
Thornthwaite sculp. Text above: The way to keep him, Act III, scene 1. Text below: Oh! Blest with temper, whose unclouded ray, / Can make tomorrow cheerful as to - day. London: Printed for J. Bell British Library, Strand, April 21 1792.
Il Ventaglio 1770s? 1 leaf
Text above: T.VI. No. 18. Text below: Cor.: Eccolo, eccolo, l'ho avuto io. Mor.: Ci ho gusto, tenetelo voi.... Il Ventaglio Att. II. Sc. XVI. Depicts two men fallen on the street, one man standing with arm raised holding a paddle. 1770s?
Mrs. Yates in the character of Calista July 16, 1776 1 leaf
J. Roberts del. ; J. Page sculp. Text above: The fair penitent, Act IV, Scene 4. Text below: Strike home, & I will bless thee for the blow. Published for Bells British Theatre, July 16, 1776.
Giuoco di forze. previous hit Mid next hit 1700s? 1 leaf
Nine onlookers gaze upwards at fifteen or more acrobats performing a standing pyramid on a platform. Pillar to left; ship on right; buildings across harbor in background. Text above: p. 332. previous hit Mid next hit 1700s?
Il gioco della posta. Between 1790 and 1820? 1 leaf
G. e. C. Stella. Depicts putti playing leapfrog around tree on hillock, near building with arched doorway. 16th century style. Possibly a 19th century print. Between 1790 and 1820?
2 18th century prints 10 leaves
Mr. Shuter in the character of Obadiah Prim. 1770s? 1 leaf
Isaac Taylor ad viv. Del., Walker sculp. Text above: Bold stroke for a wife, Act II, Scene 2. Text below: She talketh unintelligibly Sarah, Verily it troubleth me. 1770s?
Mr. Reddish in the character of Alonzo. August 10, 1776 1 leaf
Parkinson ad viv. Del. Walker sc.Text above: The Revenge, Act V. Text below: Ye Amaranths! Ye Roses like the morn. Published August 10, 1776 by T. Lowndes & Partners.
Mr. Garrick in the character of Osmyn. 1770s? 1 leaf
Isaac Taylor del. W.Walker sc. Text above: Mourning bride, Act II, Scene 2. Text below: Whence is that voice, whose shrillness, from the grave, and growing to his fathers shroud, roots up Alphonso. 1770s?
Mrs. Yates as Cleopatra. March 22, 1777 1 leaf
Edwards inv. B. B??? sculp. Text above: All for love. Text below: I'll die, I will not bear it, you may hold me, Act V., Scene 1. Published March 22, 1777 by T. Lowndes & Partners.
Mr. Woodward in the character of Bobadil. June 20, 1776 1 leaf
Roberts del. Published for Bells? Brigh? Theatre June 20, 1776 Thornthwaite? Sculp. Text above: Every man in his humor, Act IV, scene 2. Text below: "I was planet - struck certainly."
Mrs. Cibber in the character of Monimia. September 12? 1776 1 leaf
Painted from a picture in the possession of D. Garrick, Esq. Thornthwaite? Sc. Published for Belle Brigh? Theatre September 12? 1776. Text above: The Orphan, Act V, Scene 6. Text below: Reads't thou not something in my face, that speaks wonderful change and horror from within me?
Mrs. Yates in the character of Electra. December 6, 1777 1 leaf
J. Roberts del. Published for Bells British Theatre, December 6, 1777 Thornthwaite? Sculp. Text above: Electra, Act IV, Scene 1. Text below: O dear memorial of my dearest friend, Ye scanty reliques of Orestes, oh!
Miss Catley in the character of Euphrosyne. February 26, 1777 1 leaf
J. Roverts del. Published for Bells British Theatre, February 26, 1777 Thornthwaite? Sculp. Text above: Comus, Act 3, Scene 2. Text below: All I hope of mortal man, is to love me-whilst he can.
Mr. Garrick and Mrs. Yates in the characters of Lusignan and Zara. April 10?, 1776 1 leaf
J. Roberts del. Engrav'd for the first number of Bells British Theatre, April 10?, 1776. Text above: Zara, Act II, scene III. Text below: Lusignan: Would you confide it to my trembling hands. Zara: To what new wonder am I now reserv'd Oh! Sir, what mean you?
Mrs. Powell as Boadicea. 1770s? 1 leaf
DeWilde pinxt. Thornthwaite? Sc. Text above: Boadicea, Act I, Scene I. Text below: Not the wealth which loads the palaces of sumptuous Rome shall bribe my fury.. London.... For J. Bell, British Library, Strand... 1770s?
3 18th or19th century costume designs between 1740 and 1850? 12 leaves
Three sketches in pen and pencil are captioned Fitzwarren, Mysterious Mariner, and Looby Lubberkin/Merrident and are labeled with color names and other costume details. Two sketches in pencil and watercolor are captioned Sir Leoline and Richard Coeur de Lion, also labeled with color names and construction details.
4 Spoleto; Piazza del Duomo, Place de la Cathedrale. previous hit Mid next hit 1700s? 1 leaf
Bouchet del., Audot edit., Aubert sc. Print, hand-colored. previous hit Mid 1700s?
Lambranzi, Gregorio.
5 Rigaudon [i.e. Rigaudon], ca.. 1716 1 leaf
Print detached from Nuova e curiosa scuola de' balli theatrali p. 49: Zwey Schalcks narn....
6 La disamecitia, ca.. 1716 1 leaf
Print detached from Nuova e curiosa scuola de' balli theatrali p. 7: Hier komen Man und frau aufs Theatrum....
7 Deta, ca.. 1716 1 leaf
Print detached from Nuova e curiosa scuola de' balli theatrali p. 28: Von dieser Figur siehet man nichs anders....
8 Rogial, ca.. 1716 1 leaf
Print detached from Nuova e curiosa scuola de' balli theatrali p. 11: Ein voller bauer komt mit der kandel torcklend....
9 Skelt's Scenes in Timour the Tartar, scene 5th 1850s? 1 leaf
Pub. By M. & M. Skelt, 11 Swan St. Minories, London. Depicts an empty hall in Gothic style, with banners. 1850s?
10 Plates detached from a 19th century book. 1850s? 7 leaves
Unidentified. No captions. Plates depict one to three individuals, most in indoor settings. Style evocative of Charles Dickens stories. 1850s?
11 Le petit poucet, ca. 1870s 1 leaf
Colored print by Chatiniere, detached from Scenes Theatrales (Théâtre de la gaité).Mr. Baron, Role de Truffentruffe, 1er acte; Melle. Mary Albert, Role de Valentin, 1er acte; La princesse et le prince charmant. Ballet des contes. 3e acte; Melle. Raphael, Role de Sylvana, 1er acte; Une des filles de L'Ogre, 1er acte.
12 Pierrette, ca.. 1850s 1 leaf
Colored print. Collection Grevin. No. 4
13 Pas de trois, ca. 1880s 1 leaf
Black and white print detached from book; verso is p. 52, Le Royaume des Marionettes. Depicts three crabs dancing with long gossamer scarf on a stage; foreground five beetles, center beetle has human bearded face. Corps de ballet of mouse dancers on stage right and grasshoppers on stage left. Above, chandeliers in the form of insect dancers.
14 L'envers du theatre, le personnel, les trucs grands et petits, ca. . . .. 1870s 1 leaf
Black and white print detached from journal or book. Etude scenique par Bertall. Le precipice, La disparition du traitre, La visite des figurants, Le trou du souffleur, La nacelle de Daphne, Le sous - regisseur, La mer et les flots, scene maritime, Le regisseur, Un changement a vue, L'habilleur de M. Leonce, bouffes parisiens, Les coulisses, Les pompiers.
15 L'envers du theatre, le personnel, les trucs grands et petits, ca. . . .. 1870s 1 leaf
Black and white print detached from journal or book. Etude scenique par Bertall. Les auteurs, Le chef machiniste, L'arroseur, MM. Les choristes, Roulement de tonnerre en tole, Machine a fabriquer les éclairs, Le vent, Sablier en bois pour la pluie, Une fusillade, La chaise de poste de la marquise, Les accessories.
16 [Japanese woman]. 1880s? 1 leaf
Print, colored. Depicts kneeling or seated figure in flowing kimono, looking to her right, gesturing with her hands toward a vessel in front of her. 1880s?
17 Diehl's anatomy for artists and students. 1888 4 leaves in paper cover
Colored anatomy plates in paper cover. Designed and drawn by professor Conrad Diehl. Published New York, F. W. Devoe, c1888.
18 Bissona del N.H.Caer. Marc. Antonio Mocenigo nella Regata fatta li 23 Gennaro in Venezia. 1782 1 leaf
20th - century reproduction of print or drawing, colored. Many pinholes sluggest it may have been used on a bulletin board. Depicts a long boat draped with fabric. In the boat are eight standing oarsmen, ten dogs, and a nobleman holding an archer's bow.
19 Set design, Venus jalousie. Early 1700s? 1 leaf
Print, colored. No. 156. Vue perspective du Grand Cabinet de Lauriers dans les Jardins du Roy de l'Isle de Naxos, e'est la derniere decoration du 3me acte, et de tout l'Opera de Venus jalousie represente a Venise. A Paris chez Basset rue S. Jacques a St. Genevieve. Text above to be viewed in a mirror: Vue du cabinet du lauriers de l'isle de Naxos. Early 1700s?
20 Spoleto. Early 1700s? 1 leaf
Print, colored. Aerial map view of the walled city, depicting streets and buildings, with trees and fields outside the walls. Early 1700s?
21 A broad hint of not meaning to dance. 1780 1 leaf
Print, colored. Depicts ballroom, with many caricature-like figures dancing in background. In foreground a man bows, his back to woman seated by fireplace. The woman he bows to, who is standing, moves away from him carrying her chair. Note on original mat: "For Jerry from Lincoln. Another 'Concert' ca. 1780. Merci!"
22 Galliari, Gaspare. Early 1800s? 1 leaf
Print, hand - colored. Depicts a domed grotto, water cascading from an opening in the roof onto stone blocks and pool below. One man wades in the pool, center; two men sketch or paint, lower right. At left one figure lowers another into the grotto. Early 1800s?